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CODINGBERLIN: Building Mobile Apps w/ Ionic | Insights on Symfony Encore & VueJS

You heard it right, it’s Meetup time! Join us on November 1st, 2017 for talks about frontend-related tools! Learn about cool technologies for web and app development.

We have 3 talks that are already scheduled for you:

Building native apps with Ionic: a first look

Ionic uses Angular framework to build web applications that can be deployed on mobile devices as native mobile applications. How does that exactly work? What is the advantage of this approach over just writing them native? We will provide some background knowledge and make a simple live demo to really see what happens under the hood.

Symfony Encore and Laravel Mix: modern asset management for fullstack PHP frameworks

Building an asset pipeline for fullstack applications has made generations of developers scratching their heads. With modern build and bundling tools like webpack, gulp and browserify, things improved but the learning curve is still high. After dumping Assetic Symfony and Laravel approach, webpack’s complexity with their own tools Encore and Mix adding lots of opinionated defaults so basic asset building setups are quite simple these days. We give you an intro to both of them and show what they can do for you and what you might want to consider before migrating.

VueJS (Components & Vuex)

Introduction to VueJS, a lightweight JS framework that is similar to AngularJS or EmberJS in terms of functionality. You get an insight on how to work with components and Vuex, a state management pattern and library for VueJS

Sounds good? We're looking forward to see you!

• When: Wednesday, November 1st, 19:00

• What: Topics with a frontend focus, exchange about experiences and plans for future hackathons, drinks & Pizza are provided

• Where: On the terrace

• Address: Turbine Kreuzberg GmbH, Ohlauer Str. 43, staircase C, 4th floor, 10999 Berlin

• You want to do talk? Send an e-mail to [masked]

• Agenda: Doors at 19:00 h, talks start around 19:30

• Languages: English


All contributions follow our golden "*1 line of code*" rule, so demos and live code will be abound. You don't have to register to get into our stream but if you do, we send you updates (and nothing else) like the final YouTube URL of the stream before the event.

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