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coding leipzig leviticus: And we called.

It's end of 2018; what a great time for this year's final coding leipzig meetup! We already came up with the where- and whenabouts and here's our result:

coding leipzig "leviticus" will take place at Thursday, December 6th in the saint halls of Basislager coworking space. Doors will swing open by 6:30pm (pro tip: they're open all day for you anyway) and talks will start around 7pm.

We are happy to hear these talks on Thursday:

Janek Zimmer will dive deep into algorithms with his talk "Meterological data from radar to high-res weather models: exploitation of raw data by means of specialized algorithms"

Lars Eichler approaches us from the front end and will present a rough but complete outline of Vue.js and what you can do with it (And what better not)

The agenda:
6:30pm - doors open at
7:00pm - introduction / wave hello
7:15pm - TALK "Meterological data from Radar to high-res weather models: exploitation of raw data by means of specialized algorithms"
7:45pm - socializing, have some gingerbread
8:00pm - TALK "Vue.js and what it can do for you"
8:45pm - lightning talks / hack and tell (10m each)

In case you would like to present anything on whatever level or stack you prefer, we'd be happy to hear from you and to invite you to our stage. It doesn't have to be the greatest presentation of all time; an overview of your achievements in a special technology would be totally sufficient (we also do appreciate PHP very much, in case you're wondering).

You can contact us directly, here on meetup or via the organizers' contact button. You can also drop us a line on Twitter:

All contributions follow our golden "*1 line of code*" rule, so demos and live code will be abound. You don't have to register to get into our stream but if you do, we send you updates (and nothing else) like the final YouTube URL of the stream before the event.

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