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coding portugal chapter #1: Faro

Our final destination and top of the list for April: Faro, the beautiful capital of Algarve! Our host Turbine Kreuzberg PT will open their doors for us around 6:30pm.

By 7pm we're starting with a short intro round: who are we, who are you and what are we doing here?! Then we're hearing 2-3 talks (30min) about different developer related topics:

(~7:15pm) Talk #1 Tiago Fernandes (@tjgfernandes / GDG Faro Chapter): Ruby and Ruby on Rails - An introduction

In this talk Tiago will talk about some of the main features and concepts of the Ruby language and its well known Rails framework and demoes everything by creating a small rails app.

(~8:15pm) Talk #2 Stefan Adolf (@stadolf / Turbine Kreuzberg): Hack it like it's hot: takeaways of 10 hackathons I attended

Ever been to a hackathon? Over the last couple of months Stefan went to 10 - from sharply focused ones to open hack events. In this talk he tells us how you can approach hackathons, what organizers and attendees should do and what they should avoid and how to write pragmatic code within 48 hours within a completely new team that even works in the end. Technologies used: lots of Node.js/Javascript, MongoDB/Stitch, IOTA DAG, Blockstack, Netlify, Heroku and of course React and Vue.js.

If you would like to give a (lightning) talk or want to contribute anything that might be of interest for developers, we'd love to hear from you :) We're especially looking for contributions by the local Faro community, so if you're developing software in or nearby Faro, make sure to take your chance and we'll reserve a slot just for you!

During the breaks there's lots of room to talk about what you've heard and discuss the presented concepts. If there's room for it and the talk topics are somewhat correlated, we're sometimes setting up a "speaker" panel with an AMA for the audience.

All speakers are advised to prepare their talks in a way that also beginners can follow them easily - but since this is called a "coding" meetup it's definitely helpful to have a little experience in software development.

All contributions follow our golden "*1 line of code*" rule, so demos and live code will be abound. You don't have to register to get into our stream but if you do, we send you updates (and nothing else) like the final YouTube URL of the stream before the event.

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