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coding earth global meetup #1

Our first worldwide coding earth meetup will take place on Tuesday, April 21st, 2020. And of course - no surprise here - we're going fully remote. We're hereby trying to bring together our local chapters (Stuttgart, Leipzig, Berlin & Porto, Lisbon, Faro / Portugal) in one global community. Mark your calendars for the 21st, grab a cold beverage that night and come join us!

Filipe Barroso (GDG Lisbon, Lisbon)
What is Flutter and why should you care about it?
5:10 PM

The Flutter SDK by Google is the new Open Source UI SDK to create native applications with one codebase. At the end of the talk, you will understand the decisions behind Flutter, why it is so different from other mobile development tools and platforms, and why are so many developers already addicted to it.

Brooklyn Zelenka (, Vancouver)
how you can authenticate users safely without a backend?
5:45 PM

Web apps are too complex - what if we got rid of the back end? It turns out that we can push most things into the browser. In this talk, Brooklyn will talk about doing secure auth without requiring an auth server, plus a bit about the broader project of making the browser all you need.

Jesse Martin (GraphCMS, Constance)
All About Headless with the New GraphCMS
6:15 PM

join us for an entertaining talk about the benefits of a headless CMS, see a demo of the new GraphCMS and learn a few new features about GraphQL along the way!

All contributions follow our golden "*1 line of code*" rule, so demos and live code will be abound. You don't have to register to get into our stream but if you do, we send you updates (and nothing else) like the final YouTube URL of the stream before the event.

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