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coding earth global meetup #2

After our successful first online session on Apr 21st, coding earth returns on May 19th. Be prepared for an evening of developer focused talks, inspiring technology and lots of room for interaction. Join our crowdcast channel to ask questions and get in touch with the speakers or tune into our Youtube stream, lean back and enjoy the show.

If you'd like to contribute (lightning) talks, show off your latest achievements on your journey of becoming a better developer or if you just would like to leave feedback for us, use the form at the bottom of or drop us an email.

Franziska Hauck (People Lead Signavio / Freelance Consultant, Berlin)
Inclusion Matters: Accessibility For Developers
5:15 PM

For developers living with disabilities and chronic illnesses, the experience in the workplace can be challenging. So what can you do to increase inclusion for these developers? A lot!

Joe Bender (Blockstack, New York)
Find your Clarity: Writing smart contracts on Blockstack
5:45 PM

Clarity is Blockstack's smart contract language designed from the ground up to reduce bugs and behave predictably. It provides native functions that make it easy for developers to create complex smart contracts while protecting users at every step. Clarity provides precise tools for enabling on-chain logic while reducing unintentional errors.

Join Blockstack Developer Evangelist Joe Bender in this talk where he will give you an overview about Blockstack, Clarity and their virtual hackathon w/ $10,000+ in prizes. If you have any questions before the session, feel free to post them in Blockstack's discord hackathon support channel.

Lars Eichler (Turbine Kreuzberg, Leipzig)
Don't be scared of TypeScript! Get Types or die debuggin'!
6:15 PM

You love JavaScript but miss features? You'd like to have better autocompletion from your IDE? You heard of TypeScript but are afraid of all the configuration and setup-possibilities? You heard of TypeScript but don't understand the fuzz? Here you get all the answers! With GIFs and bad puns!

All contributions follow our golden "*1 line of code*" rule, so demos and live code will be abound. You don't have to register to get into our stream but if you do, we send you updates (and nothing else) like the final YouTube URL of the stream before the event.

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